US Coast Guard Requirements

US Coast Guard1. Company Policy Letter
Each firm must have a written policy on drug and alcohol use. This must be signed by all members and a copy must posted. We will supply you with a compliant policy.

2. Record Keeping
Records must be kept for all test results, negatives for 1 year, positives for 5 years. Keys Consortium maintains all test results for you. We also complete the annual MIS form for each client in good standing.

3. Employee Training
1 hour of training on drug and alcohol use/abuse for each employee is required. We provide the necessary video and written materials with paid membership.

4. Collection Site/Certified Lab
Testing must be done by a lab that meets DOT/HRS standards. Keys Consortium tests are done in strict accordance with the DOT/HRS by certified collection site technicians and processed by a SAMHSA certified lab.

5. Medical Review Officer
All results must be reviewed by a certified MRO. The Keys Consortium provides a MRO that reviews each test result. In case of a positive the MRO will interview the donor by telephone to determine if there is a valid reason for the results.

6. Pre-Employment Testing
A negative test result must be provided prior to membership into any drug testing program. A test is not necessary if proof of a negative result is provided from within 6 months of membership date with no positive result during that 6 month period or during the previous 185 days proof of membership in another compliant drug program in good standing for at least 60 days.

7. Random Testing
All members are required to be randomly tested at a rate of 50% of testing pool. Selection must be statistically valid so that there is an equal chance for any member to be selected. Keys Consortium administers a valid program for all members. All random tests are covered with membership, regardless of number of times a member is selected.

8. Reasonable Cause Testing
If the employer believes an employee is using an illegal drug they must arrange for a specimen to be collected. We will advise members of what constitutes reasonable cause and perform testing if necessary.

9. Serious Marine Incident Testing
The marine employer shall ensure that all persons directly involved in a serious marine incident are tested. Keys Consortium is available 24/7 in the event of an incident

10. Periodic Testing
Periodic tests must be done for license issue, license renewals and upgrades. Members enrolled over 60 days are exempt from periodic testing. We will provide you with a letter to give to the Coast Guard upon renewal.

Note: The use of the Term U.S. Coast Guard does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Coast Guard, it is used for descriptive purposes only.