Is there a difference in labs?
There is a big difference in the quality of labs. The Labs we use are certified by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). A D.O.T accepted lab must pass a rigorous inspection process and also perform well on proficiency tests (samples sent to the lab to challenge the labs competence). They must not only give the correct answer but also the specific drug or adulterants as well as the correct quantity of each drug that was found. If a lab is not certified there is no check on the quality of the chain of custody or the analytical work.

Who administers the tests?
Tests are conducted by certified collectors who are trained about collection procedures as well as test site and chain of custody requirements.

What does the medical review officer (MRO) do?
Once a test is determined to be positive by the lab, there must be a review and also interpretation of the result. The MRO will look for a medically valid reason for the positive result. The MRO will also look for procedural errors such as chain of custody problems. A MRO is a required part of any DOT- regulated program, and highly recommend for non DOT testing. The MRO must be a licensed physician with knowledge of substance abuse disorders.

How long does it take for test results?
Test results are usually returned by fax within 1 to 2 days.

What if someone has an accident?
We are there when you need us 24 hours, every day to arrange for testing.

I’m sure that the lab has made a mistake. What should I do?
Our certified lab will maintain a positive sample in its original container for one year from the date of the test. They keep positive samples for just such a challenge. Anytime during the year a donor can request a retest of the same sample by another certified lab.